Worksheets? Not again!

Math fact practice is not “one size fits all.”

Overwhelming students with one worksheet after another often has very little effect on their ability to recall math facts.

But there is a better way.

Reflex is an adaptive online system that takes students on an individualized journey to math fact fluency. Reflex is proven effective… and it's also incredibly fun!

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Worksheets don't work

Timed worksheets have been a traditional method for developing fluency with math facts, but research has shown that they suffer from several critical limitations.

One of the main principles of effective fluency development is the systematic introduction of new facts in small sets that build upon a student's existing abilities. Unfortunately, worksheets do the opposite — they present a large set of facts in a one-size-fits-all manner.

Studies show that this approach does not support students in acquiring new facts.

Acquisition and mastery

Timed worksheets can also negatively impact students' abilities with facts that they do know.

When performance benchmarks such as 'digits correct per minute' are too easy for a given student, studies have shown that the student can actually lose speed on the facts being 'practiced'!

To successfully develop fluency, the instructional approach must therefore include effective methods for both acquiring new facts and for increasing a student's fluency with them to the point of automaticity.

An adaptive solution

Research has shown the importance of continuously differentiating instruction and practice to each student's needs and abilities at a given point in time.

ExploreLearning Reflex takes advantage of the latest math fact fluency research and presents an adaptive, individualized system. It continuously monitors each student's progress and creates the optimal learning experience for each child.

Reflex is proven effective. See the case studies.

What are educators saying about Reflex?

"I have used many, many fact fluency games, worksheets, timed tests, etc. in my years and nothing has compared to this!"
— Teacher, Rogers School District, Arkansas

"My fifth grade students…love it!!! They are coming early in the morning so that they can go into the computer lab to work on Reflex math.
— Principal, Fort Bend ISD, Texas

"The answers are coming to me much quicker! On tests and quizzes I don’t have to count on my fingers any more."
— Student, Albemarle School District, Virginia

Is Reflex right for your students?

Any student who understands the basic concepts behind the mathematical operations (addition and subtraction, or multiplication and division) is ready to start working in Reflex.

Grade 2 and grade 3 students usually start by using Reflex to master addition and subtraction math facts. By grade 4 and grade 5, students typically use Reflex to master multiplication and division facts.

Reflex is also popular with grade 6, grade 7, and even grade 8 students, particularly those who are struggling with higher math and need intervention to help them with the building blocks of that higher math.

Reflex helps students explore addition and subtraction together, and multiplication and division together.
This allows it to take a fact-family approach, teaching students the relationship between families of facts.
For example, when a student learns that 7x3=21, they are also taught that 3x7=21, 21÷7=3 and 21÷3=7.

Worksheets, flashcards, times tables, and other math fact games just can't compare.   Take a 14-day trial of Reflex today!